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Thread: Built a shooting stand out of scraps in the garage today.

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    Tue Aug 28 2012

    Built a shooting stand out of scraps in the garage today.

    Nothing special. Here are a few pics. I heated the PVC for the front rest in the oven @ 205 deg for approx 10 min to get it "soft" then I molded it to size.

    All threaded bolts in pic screw in or out 6 inches for height adjustment.

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    Mon Jan 2 2012
    London Ontario
    That looks good. Remarkably like the one I will make.

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    Senior Member SeanMP's Avatar
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    Thu Dec 22 2011
    Just south of "Out There"
    Ya that looks pretty good.

    I like the use of the nylon clamp. You could probably even slip a piece of leatherette or webbing around the ends of the clamp for a restraint

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