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Thread: How technology can really screw you over....

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    Fri Feb 1 2013
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    How technology can really screw you over....

    I was in my local watering hole when I suddenly felt a desperate need to pass wind. The music was quite loud so I timed breaking wind with the beat of the music. After a couple of songs I started to feel better. I finished my drink and noticed that everyone was staring at me…

    Suddenly I remembered, I was listening to my iPod…

    That's what happens when old people start using technology!

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    Sat May 5 2012
    LMAO that one's funny. I'm sure with a few beer's I would forget too.
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    Sun Jan 1 2012

    Have to share that one. lmao


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    Mon Dec 13 2021
    What kind of technologies are you talking about that they can deceive you? I partially believe in it. In general, I prefer a more friendly existence. Watching movies, listening to music. Lately, I have been greatly inspired by anime, Japanese culture. And he began to watch various action-packed films, cartoons, where there are different aspects of life, there is a game, passion, different moves.

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    Sent that joke to my wife, she'll appreciate it!

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