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Thread: Old Baikal IJ-38 Parts, restoration et...?

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    Mon Jan 14 2013

    Old Baikal IJ-38 Parts, restoration et...?

    Can anyone point me in the direction of what to do with this old airgun?
    Past owner neglected it poorly, dry-firing, left it sitting in a woodshop COVERED in Sawdust.
    I have been sighting it in, in my backyard, and am wondering what should be done to restore it to its previous "glory"

    Any tips, links to parts dealers, etc... would be greatly appreciated.

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    Restore the leather seal with oil or make a replacement if required.
    Pull out and measure the spring, length, number of coils, thickness of the wire, and then you can figure out a replacement.
    D&L have generic springs or you can give Eric the specs and see what he can find.

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    On any old "garage find" gun- determine ahead of time what you want to spend on it (realistically, saying "as low as possible" really defeats the point) and how much time- you could easily get to $45.00 in parts, plus shipping and taxes and then a few hours (or more if its quite rusty) of time- is the gun worth it to you?
    I'd say I care- but I'd probably be lying...

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