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Thread: Ottawa FT Shoot Oct 13

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    Ottawa FT Shoot Oct 13

    Well, my car actually held together long enough this time to attend this one!

    It was a gorgeous day for mid-Oct, although the wind was pretty fierce most of the day, which, needless to say, wreaked havoc with our aiming - 2 -3" to the right at 30 yards! . I did manage to whack the 50 yrd KZ a couple times, though! (almost had to aim in the next shooting lane to get it, mind you...)

    Had a record attendance for the year too! (14)

    Here are the results: (scores are out of 60)


    39 Dave
    28 Brian
    28 Frank
    28 John B
    26 Todd D


    16 John R
    16 Sylvain
    15 Greg
    15 Andrew
    13 Ray
    11 Jim
    10 Todd S
    5 Kevin
    5 Stacy

    Weather permitting, there may be another match 2nd week of Nov...

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