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Thread: 2260 HPA Repeater

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    2260 HPA Repeater

    I've finished up my 2260 HPA with the reversed tank.... The final touch was a DAQ walnut stock for a QB that I altered to fit the 2260 trigger group and shortened to miss the tank.... It is finished with 6 coats of Watco Danish Oil, sanded progressively to end with 600 grit, and then a coat of Minwax.... It turned out to have a beautiful tigerstripe in the grain on the cheekpiece, an unexpected bonus.... I added a Pachmayr buttpad for protection and to lengthen the pull slightly.... The scope is a Leapers 3-9 x 32 AO MilDot.... The gun weighs 7 lbs. 2 oz. all up....

    I fitted a prototype breech I designed that uses a 10-shot MRod clip.... It is designed to accept a full length 3/4" OD shroud.... I have a similar breech on my Grouse Gun that uses an 8-shot PRod clip.... The tank block I machined from aluminum, and it has a 3-slot Picatinny rail on the bottom for a BiPod or other accessories, and incorporates a barrel band on the top.... The Power adjuster screw is hollow, and the hammer is fitted with a spring guide that protrudes when the gun is cocked.... That guide serves three purposes, it adds mass to the hammer, keeps the spring straight, and acts as a cocking indicator.... The gun shoots as good as it looks.... I`m getting 45 shots at 36 FPE from 1700 psi on the 13 CI tank, which works out to 1.06 FPE/CI....

    I finally received my 3000 psi gauges (200 psi increments) from China, and fitted one to the 13 CI tank in place of the stock 6K gauge.... Compared to the larger gauge (100 psi increments) on my tank yoke (which reads the same as the one on my pump), this mini gauge reads exactly the same from 1000 psi to 2500, and then a bit of error creeps in, it reads a bit high at a 3000 psi fill.... That doesn`t really matter, as I fill using the gauge on my tank.... The regulator setpoint is 1600 psi, and I can shoot down to 1300, although four 10-shot clips leaves me at 1500 so that`s a good place to refill as the velocity hasn`t started to drop off yet....

    This isn't so much a new build as a rebuild of the rifle I used to collect about 100 ground squirrels this past spring, so I already know how it shoots.... All I can say is.... lookout next year....

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    VERY nice, Bob! Love the stock

    Slick-looking breech, too. I wish there was a Canadian supplier of these. Over the winter I plan on revamping my "Frankengun" into a shorter, slightly detuned version (18" bbl, 20-25 FPE) grouse/tree rat/rabbit gun with a repeating breech, but IIRC, none are available in Canada... Think I'll just order one (and some mags) from Sergio at BNM...


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    Quote Originally Posted by sholo View Post
    ...wish there was a Canadian supplier of these...
    Find a machine shop that doesn't think their time is worth $500.00 an hour and that could happen.
    I'd say I care- but I'd probably be lying...

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    Quote Originally Posted by AirGunEric View Post
    Find a machine shop that doesn't think their time is worth $500.00 an hour and that could happen.
    Buy me a CNC for my birthday and that could happen


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