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Thread: No Partridge in the Pear Tree

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    Wed Dec 7 2011
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    No Partridge in the Pear Tree

    This morning my wife and I put up 20 lbs. of Pear Preserves.... Then she baked home made Cinnamon Rolls for when our kids and my brother visit over the next couple of weeks.... By mid afternoon, we were ready for another Grouse hunt, so packed ourselves and Molly into the Rhino and took off for Blue Grouse country, at over 4000'.... Three hours later, I had my limit again....

    From left to right; young Ruffed Grouse, mature male Ruffie, huge Dusky (Blue) male, female Dusky, and mature female Franklin's (Spruce) Grouse.... The big male Blue was even larger than the one I got the other day, but Molly brought him right to my hand.... The breast meat weighed out at 1 lb. 2 oz.... I got the big male at 4800' altitude, just a bit further up than where I got the last one....

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    Some nice birds.
    Miss living out that way a lot.

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    Bob you need to get into fly fishing so you can use some of the feathers to tie flies.

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