So I was tired of fighting with the Alect I bought not too long ago, So,
I bought a new one, they did not have left hand grips but I have some so I will be OK.
got it for 229$ from Hero Army Surplus ... s_id=11215{24}1653&osCsid=t7rqifbhs3qfqtqgqt49h45k i5
Got great uber service from Hero I recomend to anyone.
I think I was the last one to get the 229$ price since the price is up now, If the price would have been the same I would have bought the .22

So now the long wait starts, but since it's in Oshawa I should have it on Monday or Tuesday.
I got a new 40mm red dot waiting for it. since it for indoor plinking I probably won't tune it.

The old one is still leaking, I change the seal 2 times the breach oring keeps falling off it's a mess so I gave it to my son,
He will learn to fix it, lol will be kind of fun.