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Thread: Crosman's fps rating

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    Crosman's fps rating

    Has Crosman got caught up in the fps numbers game like Gamo as in rating their air rifle using PBA numbers? Cause if this is the case what is a non-pal rifle shooting lead going to be shooting 390? Thinking of Nitro Pistons
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    Pretty sure they all do it, not just Crosman. Bigger fps #'s (right, wrong or otherwise)= better sales.

    My Benji Trail Hardwoods NP is rated @ 950, but in reality it shoots 14.66 gr H&N FTT @ 745 - 750. Go figure...

    Having said that though, I don't think (?) the non-PAL versions are as far off the mark as the PAL versions are. Could be wrong though...


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    Crosman did for a few years without any concern for reflecting reality, but in the last year they have qualified their advertised numbers with "using alloy pellets" in their product descriptions. Of course no one is stating the actual weight of the "alloy pellets" used- so it's still pretty much useless information.

    But this is not news and almost all of them are doing it these days, sadly- although some aren't even qualifying it with that "alloy pellet" statement.

    The idea is "numbers sell"- at least in the US market.
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