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Thread: Hatsan .25 cal AT44S-10 Long Mods

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    Hatsan .25 cal AT44S-10 Long Mods

    Now that I'm starting with a "full power" AT44, I'm moving the thread over to the "PCP" section as that is more appropriate from here on.... Here is the previous thread:

    The first mod is a relatively simple one that allows the hammer spring preload to be adjusted without removing the stock.... I didn't invent this, just repeating it here for convenience.... The hammer spring preload in the AT44 is adjusted by a screw residing inside the hammer.... It is accessed through a hole just below the safety, using a 4mm allen key about 7" long.... Grinding/filing a slot in the top of the stock allows the allen key to enter the hole.... The hammer is free to rotate, so you also need a way to prevent that.... There is a hole in the bottom of the main tube, 1/2" behind the main stock mounting bolt.... If you peer in through that hole, you will see the hammer, which has a matching hole in it.... The gun must be uncocked for the holes to line up.... Inserting a pin through both holes locks the hammer so you can adjust the preload screw.... Unscrewing the adjustment (ie CCW when viewed from the rear) INCREASES the tension.... Here are photos of the mods to the stock....

    Once the stock is back on the gun, you can insert a small allen key into the hole in the bottom of the stock until it engages in the hole in the hammer to prevent it from turning.... Grinding a taper on the end allows you to slide it in easier if the alignment of the hole in the hammer isn't perfect.... If it won't drop into the hole in the hammer, then rotate the hammer using the long 4mm allen key until it does.... Note that on the pump action, the hole in the tube is further back, and the hammer must be cocked for the locking holes to line up.... The hole in the stock must be drilled further back as well....

    On my rifle, the preload screw moved easily, but I have seen them either loctited or squashed flat to make them tamper resistant.... If the screw rotates too easily, it may be necessary to put a drop of loctite on it once you find the best setting....

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