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Thread: No lathe...No problem

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    Member jgoodz420's Avatar
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    Tue Jun 12 2012
    Windsor, Ont

    No lathe...No problem

    Made a new end-cap for my Condor the other day, both of the lathes at work were full so I made it on the CNC mill...

    And no those signatures in the vise are not from me ;)
    "Just because you can, doesn't mean you should..."

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    Sat Dec 31 2011
    It is a good thing my lathe is available cause I don't have a CNC mill.
    Looks good nice job.

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    Senior Member SeanMP's Avatar
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    Thu Dec 22 2011
    Just south of "Out There"
    Quote Originally Posted by jgoodz420 View Post

    And no those signatures in the vise are not from me ;)
    That's what she said!

    Nice work Joel.

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