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Thread: Joe Hickey stocks

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    Fri Jan 27 2012
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    Joe Hickey stocks

    I just received this stock & forearm from Joe Hickey. It is oak, and the pics do not do it justice. Joe is going to start making a lot more items, once he slows down a bit. The pics are not my gun, but Joe's. keep an eye out for his posts, as he is a craftsman in hiding. I did get both forearms, so I can customize as needed. I will post pics when 'brassy' is done. TTFN.


    DSC03444 (600 x 450).jpg006 (600 x 450) (450 x 338).jpg

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    Mon Apr 16 2012
    Another happy and proud owner of a Joe Hickey stock. I totally agree with you, there's no way in the world pics can do these stocks justice.

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