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Thread: Computer Died...

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    Senior Member sholo's Avatar
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    Sun Jan 1 2012
    Slightly north of "out there"

    Computer Died... I'm stuck trying to read the forum on the wife's i-phone 4, with a screen that I'm sure is smaller than the viewing screen on my camera! And typing?...OMG, each friggin' thumb covers half the keyboard...

    Anyways (rant over), with me not being overly computer savvy, any suggestions on what would be a good choice ? (desktop, $1000-$1500 range...)


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    Administrator AirGunEric's Avatar
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    Sat Dec 3 2011
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    If all you're doing is internet-type stuff- any $300.00 "refurbished" unit will be more than enough- you could re-use your existing monitor/speakers/what-have-you. $1500.00 at this point in time almost buys the most advanced "gaming" machine out there- and is essentially paying double to be 6 months ahead of the 'curve'.
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    Member DocGadget's Avatar
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    Mon Apr 16 2012
    I'd go with a laptop. 15 inch monitor is plenty if you're not doing movies or graphics on it, it's plenty big enough and a pretty good one can be had for 600$, watch for sales at places like staples.
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    Senior Member SeanMP's Avatar
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    Thu Dec 22 2011
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    Well I second that

    Depending on how committed you are to desktops. Laptops seem to be the way to go these days and are every bit as powerful now as desktops. Look at things that are two processors back from "brand new". They were "brand new" 9 months ago.

    Spending even $500 is loads

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