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Thread: Scopes and Ammo

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    Scopes and Ammo

    I just wanted to mention my latest good experience with Eric and Scopes and Ammo. Eric patiently put up with my various, "if I add this or that item, how much would the bill be?" questions. Shipping was quick and I got my new box of toys promptly. Since I was ordering a 1077, it was drop shipped from Quebec and Canada Post took a bit of time with it. Maybe fighting off the urge to take it up on the roof or something. It arrived in good shape and after a quick scope install, I was punching holes in targets PDQ. It is a great little gun.

    One strange little bureaucratic wonder, since it is bought and shipped from Quebec, it still has the RCMP paperwork about the transfer and registration. I guess they will send me a registration certificate to throw away in due course.

    Thanks again Eric, always a pleasure dealing with you.


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    An AAA+++ for Mike as well- always a smooth transaction.

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