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Thread: My new RangeMaster field rifle rack

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    Sun Jan 1 2012
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    My new RangeMaster field rifle rack

    This is a rifle rack I built out of scraps for use in the backyard or out in the field. I got tired of setting down/leaning/holding onto my guns when walking downrange to the target. 4-spaced seemed to be optimum for portablity, and yet have enough space to allow me some choices of shootin' irons. It also keeps pellets handy for reloading, since I don't use a bench much.
    It's made out of pine to keep it light, with felt for the barrel notches, and some mid-density foam for the butt rest. I still have to add the hanging/carrying handle, and a holster system for a couple of pistols. They'll mount down the sides, but I haven't decided on whether to go with a fixed or "swinging" setup yet...
    "The RangeMaster- for when you feel at home on the range". Not available in stores.
    Rifle rack closed s.jpgRifle rack f s.jpgRifle rack rear s.jpg

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    Like I said, great!! When does production start? :)
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    Looks great, Scottster! Good idea

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