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Thread: Oh Man...where'd the BJ Discoverys go?

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    Oh Man...where'd the BJ Discoverys go?

    Very sad to see them absent from the list......

    Where'd they go?

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    Absent from which list?

    The credit card companies are very odd in Canada. "Firearms" and live ammunition they will not allow merchants to sell through an online checkout system. It makes absolutely no sense as a vendor is still going to get the license information required by law anyways- but somehow taking a telephone order is OK, an automated online processing system is not OK. Anyways, thus why the store doesn't list any of the "firearm" product in it- it has the the only true "automated" ordering system in the Canadian Airgun market (i.e. one where human contact is not a requirement to complete an order)- the other online stores are all essentially "call in" for most transactions so merely listing the products on a website is not an issue for their credit card service providers.

    What is available (all the Crosman "firearm" product they will ship to Canada):

    Benjamin 392, .22 cal, $219.99
    Benjamin 397, .177 cal, $219.99
    Benjamin Discovery .22 w/Pump, BP9M22GP, $479.99
    Benjamin Discovery .177 w/Pump, BP1K77GP, $479.99
    Benjamin Trail NP Hardwood, .22 cal, BT9M22WNP, $279.99
    Benjamin Trail NP All Weather, .177 cal, BT1K77SNP, $259.99
    Benjamin Trail NP All Weather, 22 cal, BT9M22SNP, $259.99
    Benjamin Trail NP Realtree Camo, .22 cal, BT9M22CNP, $259.99
    Benjamin Trail NP XL 1500, .177 cal, BT1500WNP, $349.99
    Benjamin Trail NP XL 1100, .22 cal, BT1122WNP, $349.99
    Benjamin Trail NP XL 725, .25 cal, BT725WNP, $349.99
    Sheridan Blue Streak, .20 cal, CB9, $239.99
    Crosman 1077, .177 cal, $99.99
    Crosman 2100, .177 cal, $89.99
    Crosman Nitro Venom, CVW1K77NP, .177 cal, $189.99
    Crosman Nitro Venom, CVW8M22NP, .22 cal, $189.99
    Crosman Nitro Venom Dusk, CD1K77NP, .177 cal, $184.99
    Crosman Nitro Venom Dusk , CD8M22NP, .22 cal, $184.99
    Crosman Optimus, CO1K77, .177 cal, $139.99
    Crosman Optimus w/scope, CO1K77X, .177 cal, $169.99
    Crosman Optimus w/scope, C08M22X, .22 cal, $169.99
    Crosman Phantom, CS1K77A, .177 cal, $139.99
    Crosman Phantom w/scope, CS1K77X, .177 cal, $169.99

    If anyone wants to order any of these, they would need to use the "Contact Us" button in the webstore to start the order/quoting process.

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    Thanks for posting your list with prices Eric! I was going to be bugging you for one soon anyway!
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