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Thread: Older Bushnell...

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    Senior Member Doc Sharptail's Avatar
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    Sun Jan 1 2012
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    Older Bushnell...

    ...rimfire scope from the late 60's/early 70's:

    Picked it up at the Carberry gun show on saturday for 20 bucks. Got hosed a bit as there were'nt even rings on it. Rings shown are collector grade Redfield clamshells from my stash. Still, this is a not often seen variation:

    That TV screen didn't show up much, in a 3/4" tube scope. Markings:

    Here it is on my 78-D

    It shoots well, for what it is. Optics are a bit dim and yellow under fluorescent light. It IS usable at my standard 12 Meter indoor distance. Not razor sharp, but it will show a .22 caliber hole at that distance. I probably won't use it much. I'll give it a shot at 25 yds in good daylight, then likely pack it away in the ever growing collection of 3/4" tube scopes...


    Doc Sharptail
    "Ain't No Half Way"


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    Senior Member SeanMP's Avatar
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    Thu Dec 22 2011
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    Nice scope Doc

    I do remember using the wide sportviews back in the 70's. They have a nice fine reticle. And thats my complaint with most scopes today is you can hide an entire target behind the reticle.

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