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Thread: Springer Bench Rest That Works!

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    Springer Bench Rest That Works!

    First of all, this is NOT my idea, I stole it from Slavia over on the AirGunHome Forum.... It was such a simple idea that I simply HAD to try it, and it worked like a charm.... This was the prototype, I have since made a more permanent one and I'll use it any time I want to test a springer from the bench, for example in finding the most accurate pellet....

    It is a small paint roller that can rotate on an axle.... The forearm of the springer is laid across the roller, and when the gun is fired, it is free to move fore and aft with the recoil.... I used my left hand under the butt, and held the gun lightly into my shoulder with my right hand which had a relaxed grip on the wrist of the stock.... I shot the two 10-shot groups inside at a distance of 20 feet, using H&N 14.7 gr. FTT pellets, which are the favourite of my B-26.... The results speak for themselves.... The top group was from sandbags, the lower group shot off the roller.... I'm convinced !!!

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    Great idea. Will have to try that out. At least you will know that when you Roller Certify your springer to a 10 shot 3/8 grouping. (100yds)And then can only accomplish 1"rs freehand. You can definitely blame yourself and not the rifle.

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