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Thread: Hello from Algoma Country!

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    Sun Jan 29 2023
    Algoma Region, Ontario

    Hello from Algoma Country!

    I am a retired Marine Captain (100 ton USCG Master), now living in Northern Ontario.
    Recently moved up from the US, having left our guns South of the border, of course, but started picking up replicas of what we legally owned in Florida.
    Mostly interested in plinking and technology of the hardware. Not into hunting.

    I am 70 and have had a little experience with real firearms, but here I hope to learn about airguns. I've joined a local sharpshooters handgun club with an airgun sector. Many of the fellows practice with replica airguns, to save on the cost of firearm ammo.

    I'll try not to bring politics into these forums, but as a dual citizen, I am ashamed of how governments of both my countries are resorting to tyranny and taking away law abiding citizens' human rights for hunting and self defense.

    A little video we recently made "Plinking For Freedom"
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    Not sure what you mean by "replica"- but non-firing replicas are actually prohibited in Canada and can get you jail time- you are better off getting realistic-looking pellet and bb-shooters.
    I'd say I care- but I'd probably be lying...

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