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Thread: Just posting this as a "general note" as a result of a recent issue...

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    Just posting this as a "general note" as a result of a recent issue...

    Background pretty straightforward; customer who, based on previous history, likes to complain.

    Dealt with this guy a couple times in the past, both times he puts an order through the online store, then complains and borders on insulting me due to the cost of shipping. He is told, both prior times that the Canada Post system calculates costs based on whatever box size it believes will most closely match the items in the order. Things like packing a single tin of pellets in a rifle box it cannot determine, so it quotes two boxes on such shipments- i.e. obvious little things that a human familiar with the product would catch instantly. Unfortunately, this means that sometimes the shipping costs are off, sometimes only a little bit, sometimes alot. It goes both ways, sometimes the shipping quoted (not often, but it does occur) is too low - and I eat it- other times it is too high and partial shipping refunds are issued to customers, or some freebie items put in the box to cover it. In the case of this person, shipping costs were adjusted in the past prior to him paying anything.

    This time around, guy is pissed off that he feels the shipping bill is $7.00 too high from the automated Canada Post system, and how dare I charge HST on top of shipping and as a result of this online calculation which I have no control over, and that I am taking an "underhanded approach to make an extra buck". As he is well aware of from past transactions, if he feels the shipping costs are off- he can email and be quoted manually instead of by the online system- but sending hostile, insulting emails somehow must satisfy him better than being friendly and asking why the shipping charge appears high.

    In any event, this guy has always been a complainer in my experience, and instead of re-explaining in infinite detail to him yet again, I remind him of the things already outlined in the past, and then I tell him to go away and not come back (as he had indicated he would be going away anyways)- nobody has time for the hostile guy with a chip on his shoulder. Time is money and all that, and someone who seems bent on pissing everyone else off is not going to get 'service', they're going to get told to bugger off.

    Anyways, my point to this is not to leave negative feedback about a particular person, but only to point out that if people think something is not right- sending a nasty email insulting people is not likely going to get them what they think they should be getting. Had I received a simple "shipping cost seems high for what I've ordered and based on previous shipments it is significantly higher than in the past" email, the guy would have had the issue looked into and corrected if/as required. As it is, he got told to go away and not come back for being an a$$hole. Not being a dick can go a long way- but apparently some people just aren't conscious of this, unfortunately.
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