I took the plunge and purchased the Webley Patriot 22 cal Turkish made.

1st impressions are that they are very well made and have a really attractive stock. The gun is very heavy and long. The firing cycle is harsh, as one would expect
with such a powerful rifle. Spring twang is annoying , and I will attempt a tune on this gun. Surprised at how accurate this gun is, 50 yards a 1 inch group. The bluing is OK not the same as the rich bluing on UK made version. Trigger is OK, the gun shoots well . All in all, I see a gun that can be improved with a good tune, I installed a fixed mount and a Hawke 2-7 scope. I only have a few pellets thru this gun, Crosman premiers 14.3 grain. I will switch to a heavier pellet and note any difference in the firing and accuracy of this new rifle. All in all, impressed, time will tell, with many more pellets fired thru the gun it should break in and settle down
in harshness and spring noise.