Lol as the title says I'm looking for all Crosman 2240 owners that have modded out their guns to get the most out of it as possible. I'd like to know everything you've done and why, most important the pictures and specs (weight) too. I believe I've read up on most mods but haven't had the opportunity to chat with ppl. I'm trying to mod mine to get the most fps possible with obvious no gas waste. I plan to use it as a backpacking hunting gun, so weight is an issue. I've seen some pretty sweet looking 2240's with brass parts that I'd love to duplicate, but it's not a show gun, it's going to be a lightweight killer lol. I've tried really hard to find weight specs on mod parts with no luck. For example I plan to get a rear velocity adjuster as soon as I find out what the difference is between a regular RVA and a challenger style one is. If the brass one is significantly lighter then I can justify paying double for it, because it really does look seeet with brass parts.

Anyways I appreciate you all reading and replying.