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Thread: Hi! I need your opinion/recommendation on what air gun I should buy.

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    Hi! I need your opinion/recommendation on what air gun I should buy.

    Hi! I'm new at and I need your opinion/recommendation on what air gun I should buy.
    My requirements/needs are :

    1. I will be hunting Rabbits, Raccoons, squirrels, birds, chipmunks, weasels.
    2. I am looking to spend around $200-300
    3. It MUST have a Gas Piston break barrel, NOT a spring or PCP.
    4. The gun needs to include a scope+rings (for now)
    5. I would prefer the gun to be in .77 or .22
    6. Be able to hit a target around 30-40 yards away.
    7. FPS of the gun over 1K

    I understand there will probably be a limited number of ******s that fit my needs but give me your opinion on what I should buy.
    I'll be needing a gun in 2 weeks so I will have to buy very soon.

    I got a recommendation from a friend about the Umarex Fuel & Octane. I kinda like it, But with my experience before with a broken part on my Umarex rifle I found out that Umarex does not cover warranty in Canada.

    I have a short list on what I got recommended for my needs by some peeps
    1. Umarex - Fuel & Octane
    2. Gamo - Magnum, Whisper, Camo, Varmint Hunter
    3. Stoeger - ATAC
    4. Diana - 48 & 460 Magnum
    5. Hatsan - M155 Torpedo

    So again just to sum it all up I need a air rifle to hunt small-medium game, it must have a gas piston break barrel, must include a scope, I prefer .177 or .22, be able to hit a target 30-40 yards away, and I'm looking to spend around $200-300

    Thank you so much!
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    If you want over 1000fps, it would have to be .177- no .22 gas strut rifle will shoot over 1000fps in .22 using normal weight pellets.

    Next, throw in your budget and there is basically no rifle that will accommodate your requirements. You need to revise your criteria by either allowing for 700-900fps in .22 caliber, or raising your budget a couple hundred dollars.

    None of the rifles you have listed will meet your criteria- some based on rifle specifications (not enough power), other based on budget (as an example, the Diana's you have listed are over $500.00 with no scope). I think you need to re-think something in this before people can offer you any useful help.
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