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Thread: .250 cal 51 gr. BBT Mould NOE Group Buy

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    .250 cal 51 gr. BBT Mould NOE Group Buy

    A Group Buy has been started for the .250 cal 51 gr. Bob's Boattail I designed for NOE Moulds.... A variety of mould sizes are available, and you can get a HollowPoint pin installed in one cavity, which reduces the weight to 48 gr....

    Once 10 guys commit, the tooling will be made and moulds produced.... All prices and terms are on the website.... A 15% discount applies to this Group Buy....,1233.0.html

    This bullet was designed to fit Hatsan and MRod magazines, and will work with the 16" twist MRod barrel.... It is untested in the Hatsan barrel, but (a similar design) worked in an 18" twist Korean barrel.... Slight modifications may or may not be required to the chamber....

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