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Thread: what are laws in bc

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    Fri Oct 16 2015

    what are laws in bc

    where can you legally shoot your air gun in bc , i can not find any info,

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    Anywhere you can shoot a regular "firearm".

    If you have a 'detuned' product of some sort and you shoot it in residential areas, you risk people calling the police- which might be a problem. Most people in residential areas either shoot in their basement (i.e. targets) or go elsewhere to shoot longer-range- i.e. a friends property, a shooting club, wherever.
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    Hi I shoot my airguns on Crown Land usually where I hunt. That means no houses near buy and 1/4 mile from nearest highway. Lots of secluded roads in the Cariboo to shoot. Otherwise shoot in your basement with a good backstop.

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    xbox - you can "shoot" on crown land with a P.A.L. rifle (if you are in possession of a valid P.A.L.) or non P.A.L. rifle or handgun, but not hunt unless you have a valid hunting license.
    Handguns - NO HANDGUNS are not allowed for ANY hunting in B.C. as I read the regs. You may not hunt, grouse, for example with an air pistol or air revolver in B.C.
    You may not hunt anywhere in Canada with a restricted handgun nor with a restricted rifle.
    Note, IF an environment officer wanted to charge you with hunting illegally, he could do so, IF you were shooting in a place (crown land) where game inhabits.
    Shooting an air rifle in a gravel pit, might be a good defense & be OK. Check with your local Ministry of the Environment Office.

    This being in a place where game inhabits with a firearm, is a "sticky" law in B.C. that many people do not know exists. If you are harassing any sort of wildlife -
    it better be legal to hunt it, it must be in season and you must have the necessary licenses and tags.
    Thus - a hunting license is actually (technically) necessary when on crown land with any form of air gun, or powder burner, along with the necessary P.A.L. for those guns.
    The best thing to do, is to go to a gun store, hardware store or perhaps a Mohawk Gas station and get a copy of the regulations, read them & understand them.

    The yearly regulation synopsis is just a summary - there are many more rules/laws which are only available in the huge "tomb" (5-ring binder) which is the wildlife act itself.

    For really 'sticky' stuff, it is best to check in the actual act - which should be available for your viewing, at any environment office, or perhaps in a
    local library.

    Hope this helps.
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