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Thread: Crossman 2240 ready for your customization

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    Mon Aug 17 2015

    Crossman 2240 ready for your customization

    Hi there,

    I am a new guy on the forum.

    I bought this crosman 2240 pistol (.22) about 2 years ago and probably only shot 500 shots through it.

    This is a superb 2240, there are no issues with it, I am simply selling because I recently purchased a Daisy 753. I am not a collector, and therefore, multiple unused guns lying around my place are not my style.

    On offer:

    2240 pistol with original 7" barrel ($86 value)
    10" barrel (installed, NOT Walther) ($25 value)
    I installed fiber optic sights on the front and back temporarily (I was hoping to upgrade to a better breach and scope but did not get around to it) ($20 value)
    35 - 12g CO2 cartridges ($30 value)
    700 ct. - .22 crosman premier hollowpoint pellets ($18 value)
    Pellet oil

    (original sights are no longer available)

    The entire package is worth $179 new. This is in excellent shape, is a wonderful pistol as is, but has a lot of potential for customization.

    I am asking $100 for the entire package, and will not break up the package.

    I prefer to deal locally (Greater Vancouver area). I would imagine the weight on all this would make shipping quite pricey, but am willing to consider a distance deal if you pay for the shipping.

    Please contact me if you are interested.

    Thanks so much for taking the time to look.



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    Mon Aug 17 2015
    I am dropping the price to $90 which is an excellent buy for a pistol in pristine condition. I simply don't want too many guns hanging around.


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    Fri Feb 5 2016
    Privat message sent

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    Mon Aug 17 2015
    Hi all,

    Thanks for your interest, this has been sold.

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    Sun Apr 10 2016
    do you still have it? i sent you a PM

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