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Thread: QB57 Spring in Benjamin Classic

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    Spilled Milk

    QB57 Spring in Benjamin Classic

    So I was adding the mainspring from the scopesandammo Phantom repair kit to a Phantom and I was disassembling a Benjamin Classic at the same time to examine the de-tuning methods. As it turned out, both were detuned using a weaker spring. Anyways...

    Still having my spring from the QB57 repair kit, I took it out and compared it to the mainspring from the Phantom repair kit. Well as it turns out, the QB57 spring (with 0.25" of it removed) is exactly the same dimensions as the Phantom mainspring.

    I'll let you know how the Classic compares to the upgraded Phantom tomorrow.

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    Spilled Milk
    Works like a charm. I may have cut it a bit shorter then required as I get about 20 fps lower then the the Phantom. The right cut will definitely repair a Phantom that has a reduced spring.

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    Make sure the inner diameter of the spring are the same, otherwise you may have "slop" on the guides, making things a bit noisier. Also, springs "set" after compressing, so it's height prior to installation may not be so relevant- one spring may 'set' lower than another (i.e. perhaps the QB57 spring would have been better left un-cut).
    I'd say I care- but I'd probably be lying...

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    Spilled Milk
    Yeah, the inner diameters are the same (not for the detuned one though. smaller diameter wire and O.D) After a full Chrony run with a bunch of different pellets though, the Benjamin is actually outperforming the Phantom. If I ever get another chance, I'll try it without cutting the spring next time.

    (Edit: Detuned spring was heavily canted btw.)
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