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Thread: nitro piston modification

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    Tue Dec 30 2014

    nitro piston modification

    Im curious to know if anybody knows what crossman does to their nitro piston so it qualifies for Non pAL STANDARDS of less than 500 fps.
    Is it altered or do they just manufacture onew with 500 fps for canadian users without Pal qualifications.

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    The gas strut has less pressure in it and they either use a longer piston to reduce the cocking stroke or drill a hole in the piston face- they have made sure there is almost no way one could ever go over 500fps no matter what the malfunction may be (paranoia about the Canadian law it seems)- so they have used two detune methods on them (which also results in them tending to shoot closer to 440fps out of the box when new, not 495fps).
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