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Thread: Greetings from "One of those new guys"

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    Greetings from "One of those new guys"

    Hello people

    I have used airguns all my life, but have never refurbished, modified, or even maintained, other than to the simplest degree, any of my airguns. Well now I've been given a particular airgun that I hold dear, and would like to bring back to life. I had hours of enjoyment from it, when I was younger. Now it has become dysfunctional, and been given to me by my father. It's a BSA Scorpion. I don't know where to start, because I'm not familiar with the internal workings, terminology, or order of operation. I envision the main spring exploding when I attempt to delve into it. Memory of my first , uniformed, attempt at taking a semi auto shotgun apart haunts me. I searched for hours , and hours for pieces that went flying all over the room, when I didn't even know what may be missing. I finally got it back together, and functional, but not an experience I want to even remotely relive.
    I also have a Crosman 1322 Backpacker, that I assume needs new seals.
    Lastly, I have a Hatsan 33 Chrome that I'd like to bring to its maximum potential. My recent interest in "Prepping" has also rekindled my interest in arms that would not require bulky ammo, or have a loud report.
    Suggestions on how , and where, I should start my quest, would be greatly appreciated, as well as any other input. Look forward to getting more familiar with you , as a group, and individuals. Hope to hear from you . Thanks in advance.

    Till then. Peace out. Trigger

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    Welcome to the forum.

    If just starting on doing work on your guns- I would suggest sticking with the Crosman- seals are not so hard to come by, whereas older BSA seals and Hatsan seals in general are an issue.
    I'd say I care- but I'd probably be lying...

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    Welcome to the group.

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