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Thread: Coalmont Snowshoes

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    Wed Dec 7 2011
    Coalmont, BC

    Coalmont Snowshoes

    We decided to make some keychains as a fundraiser for the Granite Creek Preservation Society and have them available in our office at the Mozey-On-Inn for those making a $10 donation....

    The bell-caps are, of course, made from CO2 cartridges and a cotter pin.... country ingenuity.... Their quantity will be limited to how many Snowshoe Hares I get each year, two so far this season.... I'm not intending this to solicit donations, as the postage would be more than the keychain, I just thought you guys would like to see them....

    Dominion Marksman Silver Shield - 5890 x 6000 in 1976, and downhill ever since!
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    ....I was in Coalmont once,....had a beer in the old hotel.....must've been early '80's.....Now I'm stuck on Van. Island and don't go anywhere.....Really liked Coalmont/Granite City area, battery went dead at the old cemetery so I let it sit for a bit and it started the car (barely)..........................Thumper

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