Hi Guys

I noticed today that my old pumpmster 760 seems to have more power to it then some of my newer rifles. For example I was firing some pellets at a soup can and the newer rifles ( Phantom,Quest,) and they would all penetrate the can but only dent the other side. But the pumpmaster 760 using the same pellet would penetrate it no problems. Does any of the following sound right?

- A tin can isnt exactly a great measurement of power because the top of a can is smooth while the ridges in the middle offer more resistance and the same are thinner in between those ridges.

- Different rifles fire pellets differently and each has its preference

Also would the phantom,quest, still need to break in to achieve more power? they have only had maybe a hundred shots or so fired in each.

Does any of this sound like a realistic though, or am I nuts