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Thread: Long overdue check in...

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    Junior Member yourdaddyjoe's Avatar
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    Mon Jan 2 2012
    TatterVille, USA

    Long overdue check in...

    It's been awhile.... I figured I should check in to let Bob, SMP & Uncle Slavia know that I'm still alive.

    Crazy year. I chose to be quiet while dealing some health issues. Lots of heart testing, blood work, trips to the chiropractor and so on. It's official, I'm getting old quick & hello type II diabetes. Now that these issues have been addressed and I am getting out to the shop more. Next year should be much better.

    Carrie has been helping out in the shop recently. TGFC!
    But... it comes with a trade off... I have to help spin her yarn. NO, you won't get pics of me at her spinning wheel! Spinning... as if a grown man playing with BB guns isn't weird enough...

    She's a natural at porting. All her knitting paid off with great mathematical counting skilz... She made her notes and can do all our porting patterns now... 20, 32, 40 & Spiral.
    Now if I could teach her how to do threading on the lathe...

    We finally finished up this year's batch of stock adapters. Woooo Hoooo!

    Whole new design!
    Offset to make it easier for open sights and lower profile scope rings. You spoke, I listened.

    In addition to our Tippmann 98 Custom line, we added a new design that is threaded for AR-15 style buffer tubes which gives the customer more choices of butt stocks for their Crosman 13 & 22xx air guns.
    I'm still waiting for my tooling buddy to knock out a drill guide for another version for next year. (Patent Pending)

    I found the stock I want to use for my new .25 cal bench rifle. They did not list a price on their website and I'm afraid to ask how much...

    We are going to try to knock out a few more runs before closing up the shop for Winter.

    Thank all of you for your support and kind words.

    Joe & Carrie
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    Moderator rsterne's Avatar
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    Wed Dec 7 2011
    Coalmont, BC
    HEY Joe!.... WB.... Glad you're still kicking!....

    Dominion Marksman Silver Shield - 5890 x 6000 in 1976, and downhill ever since!
    Airsonal: Too many to count!

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    Junior Member yourdaddyjoe's Avatar
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    Mon Jan 2 2012
    TatterVille, USA
    Quote Originally Posted by rsterne View Post
    HEY Joe!.... WB.... Glad you're still kicking!....

    Thank you Bob. Trying to get back into the fun of the forums.

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    Thu Jan 12 2012
    Hey Joe...good to see that you're still in the business!!! Great stuff as usual.

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    Senior Member SeanMP's Avatar
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    Thu Dec 22 2011
    Just south of "Out There"
    Hey you old Goat

    Glad to see you found Canada

    Carrie in the shop Now I'm really jealous. I have been trying my darndest to convince Michelle to get comfortable in the shop and avoid the commute, daycare, gas, meals....etc etc. I figured out she is making $20/day after paying all expenses required to work.

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