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Thread: Comparison of HB22 and 1322

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    Comparison of HB22 and 1322

    At first, the 1322 looks to be much longer than the HB22, but when put side by each, it only has an extra inch of barrel length. I really like the wood of the HB22 and the overall construction is much better. The 1322 is much easier to pump because it has a longer lever arm. The 1322 has a nicer bolt action, but it is poorly laid out. Underneath where you insert a pellet, there is a screw holding the action to the frame. It causes pellets to jam unless they are inserted fully into the breach. The HB22 has a slide back action that turns to lock and takes pellets effortlessly. This action was defective on my first pistol, but is now working properly. The sights on either gun are nothing special, but the one on the HB22 is better. The 1322 sight can slide around even when tightly fastened. The biggest fault of the 1322 was the way the barrel is secured. There is a single piece holding it to the front of the pressure chamber that does not securely hold the front of the barrel. The whole barrel can slide around by an 1/8th of an inch! I ended up using metal epoxy to create a firm hold for the barrel in the end piece that also holds the front sight. Now the barrel does not move around at all.
    At the firing line, the HB22 has a nicer trigger, but neither is anything to write home about. Both are as accurate as I am able to shoot. They are identical in weight, 1lb14, but the HB22 is better balanced, in my opinion.
    If it were not for the funky barrel attachment of the 1322, I would recommend it over the HB22 given that it costs a lot less. But due to the cut and fit of the HB22, it will be my pistol of choice for hunting grouse when out with the deer rifle.

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    A steel breech kit is a "must" on any pumper (i.e. the 1322)- in my view- ties everything together better, and more rigidly (there is a proper set-screw for the barrel in them as well).
    I'd say I care- but I'd probably be lying...

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