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Thread: Help in importing an accessory (QB78 Deluxe)

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    Help in importing an accessory (QB78 Deluxe)

    Good Day at Lords, I come across this forum trying to get a piece I try to import now for over a year, my difficulty is my location, I live in Brazil as it is in my name, so I wonder if any member the forum could help me, it is a simple thing, just buy the attachment and send me to Brazil to make my project with my Qb78 Deluxe, the piece in question is the link below:

    I need to install my cylinder valve by 13 ci 1500 psi with output and with a few more modifications to mount a rifle handy for practicing bench rest and FT, also thought of putting a LW barrel, the more it will be impossible, besides the difficulty of if you get one, they rarely come to Brazil, and when they cost around U.S. $ 500, price unattractive ..

    I beg you to help me, of course the seller must place a viable profit margin on top, as anywhere in the world no one works for free, and I believe that Canada should not be different ..

    I am very impressed with the wide range of adaptations that are available on the website, here in Brazil we do it very well, for those who want to know more nominate Board Brazilian

    Already Thank you, Good shots everyone ..

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    Why can't you just order it from Scopes and Ammo directly?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Redlock View Post
    Why can't you just order it from Scopes and Ammo directly?
    S&A deals with the Canadian market only.

    Yellow print near bottom of page:

    Besides...the OP hasn't been active here since May 23rd (which was 3 days after he joined) - I doubt you will see him around here anytime soon.

    Don't sweat the petty things, and don't pet the sweatty things!

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    Correct- S&A only sells to people in Canada.

    Why? Excess paperwork for things being exported (i.e. the documentation required for items being imported in the other country), less than secure payments sometimes, if there's a problem with something, the solution is also far more costly in time and materials to resolve, and finally... if just flogging things everywhere, it would tend to bring the overall service quality level down- if we spend too much time packaging small items and doing 3 times the paperwork to ship such things, something else (i.e. orders to people in Canada) will suffer- which is just a poor way to do things in my view.

    Not all business is necessarily worthwhile- so I stick to things we can do well, not just "anything" that comes up. This seems to be a bit of a mind-bender for some people, including manufacturers (many of which don't seem to understand my concept of requiring access to service parts in order to keep customers up and running if something goes wrong)- the idea of "do it right, or don't do it at all" seems to be lost or forgotten about sometimes.

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