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Thread: Hello from Missouri

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    Mon May 20 2013

    Hello from Missouri

    Hi i'm Terry go by whtsmoke and live in Kearney Missouri, USA. I am new to air gunning even though I do have several of them just never did take it as serious as the others. Due to an accident and health problems I have bee forced into given up a lot of the different aspects of shooting but still do what I can so here I am going to try my hand at air gunning . I just purchased a Crosman 2300kt to start out with and am looking forward to the day the big brown truck stops in front of my house, will let you know what I think of it and how it does or should that be how I do.
    I'm married to my best friend and have four stepsons which are all scattered so its me and mom with our little dog Scooter(miniature dachshund), kind of nice at times to have no one around do what we want.
    The four boys have served in the military, two retired from the Air Force and the old guy was in the Army, did some time in the jungles of Southeast Asia.
    I do woodworking or woodworking that they will let me do and dabble in metal on the lathe/mill machine, along with reloading my own ammo that's about the extent of what I do. I am really looking forward to this and plan on doing a lot of shooting at home when I cant get to the indoor range in town. I promise not to be pest but I will be asking questions, thanks for having me in your group, I have found that the Canadian forums are better than ours but I think that's due to your laws and what you can have. Terry
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    Welcome aboard, Terry! Glad you found us

    Fairly laid-back atmosphere here with a bunch of great fellows to answer any questions you may have. such thing as a "dumb" question - how else are we to learn if we don't ask, right??? Besides, Lord knows I've asked enough of 'em in the past (and still counting!), and "they" haven't banned me yet...

    Congrats on the 2400KT, I'm sure you'll love it! Tons of mods available for the 22xx series - from mild to wild Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on it...


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